Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Elway Speaks

I'm always interested when John Elway speaks his mind about the Broncos. Remember that Elway and Broncos' owner, Pat Bowlen, are very good friends. Elway is generally very, very supportive of the moves that the front office makes. Elway's approval is pivotal in the mile high city. Tebow can fit the mold that Elway created. Lots of hard work is ahead, but he has time to make those improvements.

Click on the picture of John to watch this very recent video. He is cautiously optimistice in regards to new Bronco quarterback, Tim Tebow. I would love to hear Tebow's comments about Elway.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Roethlisberger's police buddies under scrutiny - Associated Press - NFL - Sporting News

Roethlisberger's police buddies under scrutiny - Associated Press - NFL - Sporting News

Been wondering how long it would take for this part of the story to "become the story." Big Ben is clearly well connected. The fact that he has police officers working for him, makes many believe that he has been involved in a variety of nefarious activities over the years. Where will this story end? Pittsburgh fans are going to grow tired of Big Ben or will they be satisfied with a winning quarterback at any cost?

CU Introduces Boyle As New Men's Basketball Coach - CUBuffs.com—Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

CU Introduces Boyle As New Men's Basketball Coach - CUBuffs.com—Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

Interesting biographical sketch on the new basketball coach at the University of Colorado. Its always terribly interesting, as a basketball coach, to see how a successful college coach makes the right moves to achieve their goals. Coach Boyle started out as an assistant coach at various high school programs and then made the leap, over many years, to a head coach in the Big 12. Good luck, Coach Boyle!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"My job description is to win football games"

After the dust has settled on the Jay Cutler trade, it seems to be a good trade for both Bears fans and Bronco fans.  

The Bears have been looking for decades for a franchise quarterback.  A quarterback who can get the ball down the field in a hurry and put up points in a hurry.  Cutler is that guy!  The Bears have meandered with mediocrity at the signal caller position.  One of those "mediocre" quarterbacks was Kyle Orton.  I do believe that Cutler will miss the tremendous receiving corps that he enjoyed in Denver.  The combination of Eddie Royal and Brandon Marshall only slightly overshadows the tandem of Rashied Davis and Brandon Rideau (seriously).  

In Broncoland, the fans are uneasy.  The new kid, Josh McDaniels, is doing things very differently than Coach Shanahan.  I am not going to hide the fact that I am a die hard Bronco fan, and this transition makes me nervous.  However, I am incredibly happy that Jay Cutler is long gone!  Yes, his talent is rarely seen in the NFL.  However, he completely lacks leadership and the intangibles that it takes to play quarterback.  Cutler was called the "next Elway" by Mike Shanahan.  However, that was a terrible comparison.  The only similarity was the prodigious arm strength that both quarterbacks possess.  Elway could lead his team.  Cutler was not able to lead his team in a positive direction.  He could not get over the hump, so to speak.  His record was poor, especially at home!  Bronco fans will be very forgiving to Orton.  I think we'll like Kyle Orton, as he will not turn the ball over and the players will love him.  Check out what he wanted to when he first got to Denver.  We want a winning football team in Denver and Orton or Mark Sanchez (if we trade up to pick him) will be the answer.  Jay Cutler was the problem.  Thank you Pat Bowlen.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bye Bye Billie

Just yesterday, the University of Kentucky was saying that they would take their time to evaluate Coach Gillespie's tenure at UK before making any decisions about his future in Lexington.  Today, he's gone!  Mark Story has a great story about who might fill his shoes.

Without a doubt, UK fans will be pushing for Billy Donovan or John Calipari.  Both of those would be outstanding in Kentucky blue.  It seems that Donovan might be a better fit.  He would love to get to a real basketball school.  Calipari completely controls his sad conference and certainly gets paid handsomely.   Travis Ford is a hot coach right now and Izzo may have run the course in East Lansing.  Lots of interesting names out there, especially when it is one of the top basketball schools in the nation.  How about Jeff Capel?

I'm guessing it won't be Capel or Ford.  Kentucky just got burned on former Big 12 coaches.  Look for Billy Donovan to be the guy!

Here are the basketball schools in order:
1. North Carolina
2. Kentucky
3. Kansas
4.  UCLA
5.  Duke

Kentucky's biggest fan, Ashley Judd, could be their best recruiter!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bo Don't Know

Its very interesting!  The Virginia Tech Hokies came to Lincoln with a very average, young football team.  They grew up over the course of 4 quarters.  Never did the game "feel" in doubt.  The Hokies were toying with the Huskers.  The Husker defense would bow its neck every time the Hokie offense got close to the endzone, but the Hokies were better.  More disturbingly, the Husker offense cannot mount any sort of rushing offense.  The Huskers will not beat a substantial team without being able to run the football.  Tom Shatel in the Omaha World Herald does a tremendous job of breaking down this loss in his column.  On to other matters.  Coach Pelini's tirade was to be expected, but not condoned.  A coach must be more calculating.  In most cases, a coach that goads the referees into an unsportsmanlike penalty is trying to motivate his team.  Pelini showed his lack of maturity and experience.  His penalty did not cost the Huskers a victory, but it certainly brings his temper into play for the rest of the season.  Wait until the Huskers play a "good" team.  What type of behavior can we expect when the Huskers hit the road against a Big 12 opponent?  Regardless, we knew that we were getting this from Pelini when he was hired.  There are reasons why he hadn't been a head coach.  His mentors, including Les Miles, would have never exhibited this type of behavior.  I do appreciate his fiery disposition and it has rubbed off on the players.  However, it might cost the Big Red a game in the future.